Cannabis legalization is an issue that has the power to drive voter turnout in a big way. HeadCount.org, a non-partisan voter engagement organization, launched the Cannabis Voter Project to unleash that power. Our aim is to educate Americans about how voting can impact cannabis policy.

The Cannabis Voter Project has three main components:

On the Web

  • An online voter registration tool makes it easy to register.
  • State-by-state info shows you where your Congressional representatives stand and keeps you up to speed about ballot initiatives in your state.
  • Action opportunities help you make your voice heard. 
  • A directory of cannabis-related media outlets and cannabis policy reform organizations keeps you in the know.

Partnering with media and influencers

  • Teaming up with supportive celebrities and influencers to show their followers how voting impacts cannabis policy.
  • Working directly with supportive celebrities and influencers to promote voter registration and civic engagement in the cannabis scene.
  • Spreading our message via cannabis-related media outlets and youth-centric publications. 
  • Enlisting cannabis-related media, organizations and supportive celebrities for a coordinated effort on National Voter Registration Day. 

At events

  • Volunteers share information about ballot initiatives and register people to vote at HeadCount tables at concerts and music festivals.
  • Activations at cannabis events keep attendees informed about what’s at stake in the next election.
  • Volunteers give out SWAG that promotes voter registration and showcases Cannabis Voter Project sponsors.

About HeadCount

Since 2004, HeadCount has helped register nearly 500,000 people to vote and inspired millions more to participate in elections. We harness the power of culture and music to drive social change by registering voters at more than 1,000 live music events each year, including tours by Dead & Company, Phish, G-Eazy, Paramore, and Dave Matthews Band. HeadCount also runs voter registration drives at community events and public gatherings, including the massive March for Our Lives demonstrations in March of 2018. To learn more about HeadCount, or get information about upcoming elections, visit HeadCount.org.