What is Cannabis Voter Project?

Cannabis Voter Project informs, registers and turns out voters who are interested in cannabis policy. Launched by civic engagement organization HeadCount.org in 2018, the Cannabis Voter Project believes it’s important for the cannabis community to be an active and informed voting bloc. Here at CannabisVoter.info you can: Look for the Cannabis Voter Project at dispensaries, on social media, and at concerts by musicians like Dead & Company and Lettuce. We’ll help you register to vote, stay informed and engage directly with lawmakers. Are you a cannabis voter? Don’t tell us. Tell your elected officials!

Statement of Non-Partisanship

This initiative and website are for education purposes so that Cannabis Voters can make informed choices at the polls. We remind our community that cannabis policy is complex. Most proposed legislation draws both support and opposition from within the cannabis industry itself. With that in mind, HeadCount and the Cannabis Voter Project do not support any specific policy positions related to cannabis. Nor do we endorse or oppose any candidate or political parties. This site should therefore never be perceived as an endorsement of any individual candidate, elected official or piece of legislation.
HeadCount and Cannabis Voter Project provide voter registration services to all eligible U.S. citizens regardless of their political beliefs or preferences. We do not endorse, support or coordinate with any candidates for office or political party.